Why I'm a Blogging Slacker

"Procrastination: The guilty knowledge that writing is the least interesting thing you could be doing right now."

This excellent reason was given to me by "101 Reasons to Stop Writing," a clever site which I wouldn't recommend unless you have a strong taste for self-deprecating humor and painfully accurate demotivators. There's a lovely article there about Amazon's Kindle bursting into flames which is well worth a read if your hackles rise at the mention of the phrase, "electronic book."

I know I promised more drawings, but I'm currently working like a child on a sugar high, barely starting one thing before I'm immediately starting something new, so nothing is getting finished. But it sure is fun! I have a new drawing toy that I'm very excited to talk about... all in good time. Plus I have randomly been asked to design a semi-professional logo, which is charming, since I've never really even done a semi-semi-professional logo. Gots to roll up my sleeves and plunge into uncharted territory...

Oh look, a quick cheesy unrelated drawing. It was supposed to be a stick man. This is as close as I can come to a stick man. It's a stick blob.

Dear, dear, dear, I'm rambling because of the fact that it's late.