From the Vaults - JPG Artifacts #1

In a moment of weakness, I nearly swear.

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Mr. Blogspot's Very Bad Day

Dear Blogger,

I hate your new format.

But "hate" is not a nice word.  Let me rephrase:  I deeply, violently dislike it, navigating through it in ways that explore new shades of frustration and hopelessness, my aesthetic soul shrivelling like burnt hair whenever I see its vast unused amounts of dead white space and its hospital-waiting-room color scheme and its infinitely useless button links that do things like "Insert Jump Break!"  I do not need a jump break.  I need a workable text window that fills more than 1/3 of the screen.  I need clarity.

Please get on that.  There's a great site you can use as an example of elegance and user-friendliness.  It's called Blogger circa 2010.

Thanks, signed-
Fifteen Feet.