Ice Creamy!

Whenever I'm feeling a bit blah in my drawing skills, I bip over to deviantART, an online art gallery. Anyone with half a brain cell and a computer can upload stuff, often random, sometimes impressive. Browsing through it is good for times when most of my attention has to be diverted elsewhere (like listening to NPR.) There's nothing quite as effective for improving my own artistic attempts as looking through the work of better practically everyone.

(Oh, snap!)

I found this one the other day, and it gave me the chuckles.
It can be found at http://nocturnal-devil(dot)deviantart(dot)com


TSOldtimer said...

You know, your sense of humor STILL manages to surprise me sometimes.

Mummy Dearest said...

I am afriad for my children. (yet oddly amused).

tizzy said...

Creepy man. But, to each their own, whatever gets you excited about art!

Kt said...

Really? Y'all are appalled? Hmm, funny. Then I'm glad I didn't post the one about the dead puppy!

(But seriously, who doesn't love children-eating ice cream?)

TSOldtimer said...

Oh, KT, I wasn't appalled, just surprised. I ALWAYS loves me some children-eating ice cream! ;-)