Raccoons on the Roof

I have been sitting very quietly
Listening to the noises outside

The wind is blowing
But it's not the tap of tree branches
There are raccoons running across my roof.

I look up and follow the sound
Tracing their path on the ceiling
They run with purpose
They are charging down the shingles

The footsteps stop above the window
And I half expect them to come swinging through the glass
SWAT team style
I'm not sure what they would want
Maybe dried apples, or pickles, or chocolate?

They come every night
When the clock has three digits
The pond fish live in constant fear
Of snatching claws in the water

There are raccoons on the roof
And the dog cocks his head
He is not sure how best to defend the house

I have been sitting very quietly
But my imagination is running across the roof


Kt said...

Okay, that was supposed to be balanced 2-3-4-5-4-3-2 line stanzas, but the illustration fouled it up.

Oh Blogger, why is your screen so narrow?

Erin said...

You can play with the template to make the content part wider :)

Kt said...

Really? Cheers!

Although...despite my complaining, I have grown rather used to it. We fear change.

Erin said...

Kt, when you start referring to yourself as a "we" it makes me scared that a) you might be developing a multiple personality or b)you are becoming one of those snooty people who insist upon smelling the cork from the wine bottle during dinner and says things like "oh yes, we went on a spa holiday and it was dreadful! The woman who did our massage was wearing....brand name nail polish! It was horrid. I've had nightmares for weeks!"


Kt said...

Weird! I checked back and you already left a comment! Isn't it fun when we're on at the same time?

Oh, and hooray for my first ever drawing specifically for my blog, done in something like 5 minutes on scrap paper. Honestly, I draw like a 14 year old these days.

E, you are correct in that A)I have multiple personalities (the artist/dreamer and the critic/realist) which are, in fact, a very healthy and useful thing, and B) I smell the...okay, well I never smell the cork, and I've not gone on a spa holiday, so I guess I'll just have to stick with A. We like the image, though. Shall we aspire to it?

Monster Library Student said...

Kt, I loved it! It reminded me of a story that I read when I was a kid.