Reflections on the Year Gone By

(I really should have made this the first post of the New Year, but I got so excited about politics!)

How did I do with my blog in the past year? Here is my personal checklist:

I gave myself a place to decompress - Check. I managed not to clog up my team blogs with overflow thoughts that made people scroll down through the endless text saying, "Oh gosh, when is she going to shut up?!" So yes, check, a success.

I kept in touch with friends- Check. Blogging has been a great way to keep up-to-date, although it's easy to forget to read other blogs for a few weeks and then suddenly have to rush to catch up. Still, without this format, would I have known about MSL's library romances, or Alice's Barbie doll, or Snarke's air conditioner "Bert?" No, no I wouldn't. Yay for blogs.

I enlightened my readers to the joy and wonder that is me- Well... you can't make play-doh with nothing but salt, I always say... I didn't exactly give anyone a lot to work with. I, apparently, am not an "open person." Personally, I think I talk about myself and all my deep inner feelings far too much, but then I have people say that they don't know a thing about me, and I need to open up. Hmrph. It all comes from randomly selecting a pineapple for a "which fruit are you most like?" exercise in my childhood days...

I enlightened my readers to the meaning of human condition- Well... you can't make cement with nothing but water, I always say...

(No, I don't really know what that means either. But it looks meaningful, so there you have it.)

I wrote more- Yes! Check! Without Fifteen Feet, most of these rampantly random thoughts would never have made it to type. (A debatable plus, I'll grant.) Writing here might have distracted me from working on other projects, and it certainly cut back time I would have otherwise spent doing e-mails and other blogging, but mostly it has been an entirely unique outlet. This is a very good thing. I think I'm using a different part of my brain to write here. (It's true! I do use my brain when I write!) In addition, without the banter of back-and-forth blogging that I've gotten used to on my team blogs, I have been forced to write complete thoughts, something more akin to the essay form, which I haven't really done much since college.

I was discovered as an superb writer and offered prestige and money- Um... still waiting on this one. Someday, you see, someone will stumble onto this website and suddenly realize my brilliance as a writer, the sparkling words that trip off the end of the tongue, the fast patter of wit and fancy rolled into a marvelous literary rollercoaster which extols the glory of my technique, and on that day I will be called up and whisked off to some far off publishing house where men in black suits will stand around on floors of marble and raise a toast to my genius. This has yet to happen, but I'm patient.

So that's all. (See how masterfully I draw the post to a close?) No resolutions, only reflections. I'll do the resolution part sometime later, maybe July.


TSOldtimer said...

Bravo! I'm glad you met some goals with your blog. I did, too! Haha! I'll be looking for something new to do with myself soon, so keep up with me and send me ideas. I'll be back stateside soon; perhaps we can adventure if we're both jobless then!

Kt said...

Yes, adventure is good. Job bad. Party 'til you break the bank, right?

tizzy said...

Hmm... if the adventures are far off and exciting, can I quit my job and travel the countryside as well?