Translation Party!

I was just introduced to Translation Party, a fantastic website that translates an English phrase back and forth between Japanese and English until the translation no longer changes. Now my sides are hurting with laughter. This was the best translation transition so far:

We like to bake and eat chocolate chip cookies each and every night.

Thus the long conversion to equilibrium:
We like to bake and eat chocolate chip cookies each and every night.

We have to bake the chocolate chip cookies to eat, each, every night.

We have to eat chocolate chip cookies, respectively, every night, you should burn in the oven.

(*side note* - Apparently Japanese is a violent and vindictive place. I do not wish to go there.)

We have chocolate chip cookies, respectively, if you eat every night, you need to burn in the oven.

In this case, we are every night, if I was chocolate chip cookies, eat the bread in the oven, each is required.

In this case, we have every night, the chocolate chip cookies, I would eat bread in the oven for each is required.

In this case, we are chocolate chip cookies, I require each, and eat bread in the oven, that every night.

In this case, chocolate chip cookies, my oven every, every night, you need to eat the bread.


Wa! No wonder there are so many bad Japanese translations!

1 comment:

Keebler said...

I am the chocolate chip cookie.
I am eating the bread.
For the love of PETE I do not want to burn.
Can I possibly eat them somewhere other than the oven? Please?