Vacation week? Or maybe not.

Rar, this week I have to do the thing I was really trying hard to avoid doing and either:

A) Blog short nothings, or
B) Take a vacation

Yes, the tidal wave of live and work and taxes (Taxes? Didn't I just do those a year ago?) has finally overwhelmed me. I can't decide whether to revert to A or B.

On weeks like these, which choice is better? To stick to a faithful schedule, or to hold off until I can actually complete a thought? I mean, I feel rather bad about posting if I can't even finish a


Brett Minor said...

I hit that problem all the time. Fortunately, I have no life outside of school so the blog wins out almost every time.

Kt said...

Yeah, faithful blogging is tricky, isn't it? A good post takes hours to write.

I'm looking forward to joining you in the ranks of studentship soon, but then school will BE my life. Alas.