Oxford Graffiti #1

Bathroom scrawls are a bit...different...in Oxford.  They never fail to amuse me.  Here are some that I've come across lately:

1.  "Why are Oxford boys such twats?"

2.  "What did the Mexican duck say?  Guac, guac."

3.  "D.H. Lawrence: What a cock.  Discuss."

4. "Why is there graffiti here? It's against the law."

5.  "Prove that I'm a lawyer"
"You are a lawyer.  Disprove it."
"That isn't how the burden of proof works.  Hope your finals aren't coming up."
"Where's the case?  All it is is a statement.  And burden of proof is different according to where it's being applied and regularly shifts."
"...Do something social tonight."

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