As a civic-minded citizen, I appreciate what the town is trying to do.

But testing the tsunami alarm at 6am? Really? Really?!?

One does not ignore such things, and so I got out of bed and staggered around until all of the clocks downstairs started to chime, at which point I realized that real tsunamis don't happen on the hour.

And so I went back to sleep and had a realistic dream that my neighborhood was flooding, and I was trying to evacuate my family, and everyone was freaking out.

(There was kite-flying somewhere in that dream too. I think we might have taken a break from evacuating to fly kites...the switch got thrown from panic to fun to panic again.)



Monster Library Student said...

Ha ha ha...real tsunamis don't happen on the hour.

Your dream made me think of the book The Kite Runner which I am reading (in between homework sessions-groan!). It is such a good book...you should read it.

Monster Library Student said...

Hey Kt,

This job that I was scoping out is in WA state...where is this in relation to you?

Kt said...

Meh, about 8-9 hours north, currently. Stay tuned though, for I am determined to make a move.

That area you're looking at is beautiful, though still in the suburbian strands of Seattle. Still, with a car you can quickly escape to the islands or the mountains. Warning, tho - LOTS of rain. I mean it. Well, not as much as where I am, and I love the stuff, but you should definitely make a visit in November (or some other winter month) if you want to see it as it really is.

But yes, yes! Move out here, do!

(Is it just me, or are these word verifcations getting longer? And why do I have one on my page? Hm.)