An accidental viewing of "The Sound of Music" has put me in a jolly good mood, and now I've stumbled across another little pleaser. I was checking out the animation entries for FlashForward 2007, since I am an incorrigible animation buff, and one of them led me to this site. If you are feeling bouncy, and if you have a computer with a good 'n' fast internet connection try this:

Go to After watching the intro - and really, how can you not? - go to the left hand margin and click on "Imagination." Make sure you've got the sound on for both of these.

It's a nice little slap of happiness.

By the by, I'm not doing the paid post thing, whatever that is, so any hyperlinks I put on my blog are merely for your enjoyment. (Or to help me find sites later, since I'm not the most organized person.)


SWP said...

That was great!

What was it for?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention...I appreciate it!


Kt said...

As to what it's for...I'm still trying to figure it out myself. But it's still cool, ain't it?