Allrightallrightallright . . . so I haven't been in a writing mood lately. (Been in a drawing mood! Expect to see things soon.)

I had to slap something up to keep the dust off the ol' blog.


-W- said...

Thank goodness! I have missed your blogginess!

Is that a Colorado mountain?

TSOldtimer said...

I know I missed your birthday. I'm bad with dates. And names. And whatever it was you told me five minutes ago. But happy birthday, nonetheless!

Monster Librarian said...

I will plead ignorance--didn't know your bday was in the winter! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love the picture. Tre jealous!

Kt said...

Burfday? Mree!

Yes, I turned older. Old happens. Am not offended that people didn't come rushing to my door with presents and rose petals.

W, that's Shasta, our old friend! The mountain that sits in the ghost shadow of Mazama and dreams of being an Oregonian, like Thielsen, the Sisters, and Bachelor. Modern cartographers were rough indeed when they drew up their lines, sundering the family of western volcanoes.

I don't anthropomorphosize mountains. No sirree.