(This is what I do with my free time. Er... drawing and darning.)

Is it just me, or has the appearance of text on Blogger changed? Maybe it's just been too long since I looked at my own blog page.


Monster Librarian said...

You made me smile. I will try to love my socks...darn it. But when I get holes I turn them into sock puppets for my own enjoyment. Did I ever tell you guys about the Adventures of Monsieru LaPoo and Claudette? Ah...a story for when we have that infamous Topside reunion!

Kt said...

Would Monsieru LaPoo and Claudette ever make an appearance at your children's story times? Or are they on par with Mummy's hor'dourves?

You nasty, nasty person!

Ah yes, the Topside reunion, to be held somewhere in Hawaii in the future, I believe. Bring it on! (It would probably make more sense to hold it in the Midwest, seeing as that's where most of y'all are, but I can't promise I would get excited about places that... well, I'd better stop before I get myself in trouble!)