Eine Kleine Alaska

Just a few snapshots to help y'all visualize our trip:

Getting Bosco ready to go.  He is loaded to the hilt.  The sleeping/camp site stuff goes up top, the cooking gear and canned goods go below.  We just did a major repack in Tok, so this is a picture of our old system.

Mile O of the Alaskan Highway, one of the pictures in my Me Looking Far Too Excited About Signs series.

A typical campsite, our little tent.  We've been lucky to have picnic tables at every site, so we can use the cook stove without too much difficulty.  You might be able to see my hammock strung up in the back.  I spent one night in the hammock, but it got a little cold and the mosquitoes were fierce.

Buffalo!  Wild.  With mountains.  We saw a lot of these.  Buffalo and mountains.

The Dempster Highway.  We only drove 40 miles in, but it was wonderful.  It is all unpaved.  The Alaskan Highway has about the same sort of scenery, but it is paved and not even remotely dangerous.  Now I'm seeing a lot of "I survived the Alaskan Highway!!!" bumper stickers for sale in the gift shops, which seems akin to saying something like "I survived I-5 from Portland to Seattle!"  Actually, Seattle is much more dangerous.  Maybe it's different with an RV, but I am quite underwhelmed by the danger level of the Alcan.  Drive it.  It's fun!

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I LOVE that in your tent picture there appears to be a shadow of an enormous bear. Cool. Got your message! Thank you so much :) Will try to get you on my tomorrow morning (your 6/11). Love, Keeb