In Which I Shower Awards on Everyone in a Reality of My Own Making

Wow, last week was quite a collection of nothingness, wasn't it?

While I was in the midst of regretting that not every post here is something grand and glorious, I was forced to remind myself that this blog was originally created for me, after all. If I had the good fortune to write something others found appealing, then I might enjoy the camaraderie as an added perk. My original intent was to give myself an outlet so I wouldn't clog up my group blogs with long, uninvited monologues. I discovered that blogging provided good motivation to keep the rust off my writing. Happily I've chronicled events that I would have otherwise forgotten, since my memory doesn't cover much more than the last few weeks.

One might wonder why I didn't just start a journal instead.

(But...ah, where's the fun in that? Where are the creepy unpublishable spam comments in that?)

About the most amazing thing about my blog is the fact that I've recently discovered how to make mouse-over text on my images, which finally proves that anyone, after fourteen years of using HTML, can learn to write "title =". I am the Queen of the Internet.

And so since my blog has been nothing more than a glorified journal, and since it's not been, on the whole, anything particularly insightful or delightful, I was pleasantly surprised when I was nevertheless given this,

by Violet over at Creative Devolution, whose blog is pretty much an example of everything an awesome blog should be - bright 16-bit colors, humor, do-rags, insanity domestic life, and interior decorating. I started reading her blog, she started reading mine, rainbows formed in the sky, et cetera. I frequently read her posts multiple times, they're that good. Go on and check her out.

Are you back? All right then! Well, what excited me far more than the actual Liebster was the logo that Violet drew for my blog:

Eeeee! I'm so happy!! Also, finally someone realizes that my entire blog is underwater! Yow yow! Hooray for thematic continuity!

Right. So the Liebster Blog is a blogging award giving by bloggers to bloggers for blogs that are especially bloggy, and by that I mean that "liebster" translates to "dearest" or "favorite" from German (and not "lobster," sadly, as Brett over at The Transformed Non-Conformist, rightfully pointed out), ergo one receives such an award for being a likable blog. Other restrictions apply. Not intended for blogs with ridiculously large followings (over 200 followers), must be passed on to five fellow bloggers, this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


But look. I've been out of the blogging loop for a couple of years now, many of the blogs I used to know and love have given up the ghost (at least temporarily), and I lettered in the game of Calvinball, so why do something the same way twice?

(Also, I like to break chain letters. No, I don't think I'll have bad luck if I don't forward this to at least twenty people.)

Therefore I've instead decided to instigate a new batch of awards, since we're playing in a world where I can control the laws of physics. That's right, this is the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. Awards for everyone! I'll be giving them out every day this week.

For my first award, since I was so heartbroken to find it was "Liebster" and not "Lobster," I bestow this, the coveted Giant Growing Lobster Award, on mining the nooks.

The GGL Award is given to the blog with the greatest potential to grow into something amazing and unstoppable. To accept this award, the recipient must draw an original rendition of a giant attacking lobster. Easy, no?

I had the opportunity to meet Galen, the illustrator over at mining the nooks, in person. Even though I'm not much of a horror aficionado, I love her style. Her paintbrush seems to be permanently set to "blood splatter." She also posts links to other amazing artists. Pretty inspirational all around.

Tomorrow, another made up award!


G said...

omg SQUEEEEEE! ima blog of teh glowing lobster!

I shall gladly accept. (draws rampaging lobster now)


Kt said...

Yeah!! I can't wait! But the big question is, will there be blood splatters?

The growing lobster can also be glowing, it you'd like. Growing Glowing Lobster Award. Oo, maybe I should change its name to THAT.

Brett Minor said...

It's cool to see how this thing makes it way around and who it ends up with. Congrats!!

Kt said...

We're like one big happy family!

Except not really much at all like that, unless you never see your family face to face.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ;-) and I absolutely love your new gigantic growing lobster award!