I can't think of a more eloquent introduction to this post other than, "I love comics." Isn't that fantastic writing? Why hasn't the New Yorker called yet?

I love comics. Love to read them, love to draw them, love to study them as an art form (or literary form? Begin the debate!) and, heck, even love it when other people talk about them. All right, so it's a lousy introduction. But at least it's not as lousy as the following transition. This transition. I mean the...drat! I screwed up the transition!

And speaking of transitions, Mike over at super-swell comics blog "Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin" uncovered possibly the worst transition in the history of comics:

Battle Stories #5


Good heavens. Sort of wakes you up, doesn't it?

So Mike started a meme of using that last panel for other awful transitions Yes. I love it. I couldn't help making a few of my own. (You'll have to click to enlarge them, bleh.)

A Man Called Kev #3

Apologies to Bill Watterson

Apologies to kittens

Perspective!For Comic Book Artists by David Chelsea

Boy oh boy, I think I could make a million of these. That's what my entire blog is going to be from now on. Just one "Then...KOREA" after another! Thanks for the meme, Mike!


keeblerkidd said...

Check your email. Pops and I were inspired and sent you a comic. :)

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