No Poem

I couldn't get this out of my head today, and believe me, I tried. It was there when I woke up, which is what happens, kiddies, when you only get four hours of sleep. So I wrote it out, and now it's all better, and I can leave my head free to get other things stuck in it.

No Poem

I will not write a poem
about the morning fog
of how the slanted sunlight
is pushing it away

I will not write a poem
about the early crows
of how their treetop quarrels
are bringing in the day

I will not write a poem
that's dripping metaphor
where flowers are like forests
are like cities are like seas

Nor poetry that's choking
on pearly pretty words
that only find the author's ears
when seeking ears to please

For there are poems ample
about the crows and fog,
most as harsh and hazy as
the subjects that they cheer

And that's a awful rhyme
I'll spare you from the rest
I will not write a poem,
except for this one here.


Monster Library Student said...

Lovely! I enjoyed it friend!

Kt said...

Honestly, mls, every time you call me "friend" I hear the voice of Frankenstein's monster in my head saying, "Frieeend? Frieeend!!" I really don't know why. It's a bit like my inner whiney British child's voice.

tizzy said...

Loved the poem kt... how is your book coming along?

Kt said...

Book is coming. It is the bonsai tree of books, taking its shape over many eons. I'll finish when I'm ninety.