Wandering the Web Occasionally Pays Off

I just stumbled upon this excellent little blog, Brooklyn Arden. It's written by one of the editors who worked on the American version of the Harry Potter series. I'm only just beginning to explore it, but she has provided some interesting thoughts on the series (with lots of spoilers and no warnings, so be careful), as well as a plethora of info for aspiring writers and editors. It's well worth a look if you're into that sort of thing.

(That sort of thing being "writing," which, if you are not into, implies you are of the Neanderthal ilk, but who am I to judge?)


-W- said...

Drat it, Kt. I was supposed to go to bed EARLY tonight. And now I've spent 45 minutes glued to this lady's blog.

On the plus side, I now feel vindicated for liking the epilogue of HP7.

Monster Library Student said...

Thanks...I am totally going to be checking this out. :)