This is Me Complaining

I'm here today to talk about iritis. Iritis is a very painful, sucky, sucky thing. Never heard of it? Neither had I, and neither have most people, but left untreated it is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. This is what it looks like.


Mmm, pretty. What does it feel like, you ask? It feels like there is a little hand inside your head clenching the back of your eyeball and squeeeezing until you want to claw yourself blind, and when the sun shines the light makes you hiss and shrink deep into the shadows, that's what if feels like. (I suspect Dracula suffered from it.) Boys and girls, isn't it fun?!?

My doctor made me laugh when I first went to see her. "My right eye hurts," I said.
"You have iritis," she said.
"Eye-rightus?" I repeated.
"Eye-rightus," I said again. dumbfounded. "As opposed to eye-leftus?"

Alas, it was not a made-up diagnosis by a lazy ophthalmologist, but a real and very dreary disease. What an incredibly random thing to have happen! I have to admit, I've gotten rather annoyed after I realized that it wasn't going to be getting better anytime soon. (Weeks instead of days.) Frustration with little things like reading and driving mounted into full blown panic last night, when I discovered online what a serious and potentially recurring problem it can turn into. (Which is probably why my doctor said, when handing me the information brochure, "You really shouldn't believe all of this.") Don't shop online for a bunny rabbit unless you want to take home a grizzly bear, that's what that lesson is. I guess. I really don't know what that's supposed to mean, but my eye hurts. And so I don't care. Because I'm grumpy.

So today's public service announcement, folks, is this - If your eye turns pink, go get it looked as ASAP, unlike idiotic yours truly.


Keebler said...

AH! Is that your eye in the photo? BAD EYE...BAD!

The blinding light,
the loss of sight,
first a roar and now a whimper.
Her will of might,
fatigued in fight,
drew taut against her temper.
"I won't succumb!"
"The pain I'll numb",
She cursed the evil aggress.
She'll slay that woe,
as heroes long ago;
VICTORY over Iritis!

Kt said...

Yay, the Keeb! Did you write this excellent poem? Tis me all over!

This picture is a stock photo, and not my own personal eye. However, mine looked almost exactly like this before I went to see the doctor. It's a much more normal shade now after all the eye drops. And today - first day without pain! Woo!

Monster Library Student said...

Oh Friend! Feel better!