Arg. Lame. I meant to start posting in November, and now it's January!

Curse you, the flight of time!

But no, really, I will be actively posting again very soon, and perhaps some exciting bits of news will show up here.

Or if not that, then some interesting essays.

Or if not that, then some napkin drawings.

If I were especially devoted, I'd make it my New Year's resolution to resume blogging. But no, I only make one resolution a year (so as not to divide my attention on trying to accomplish it!) and alas Blogger, you are not the One.

But I will resume blogging, by crikey, since I'm brimming with so many dumb stories to tell. Plus now that I haven't updated in forever I'm assured that no one will be reading them. Sort of like standing stock-still on the stage until everyone has left the theater before tearing off all your clothes and dancing in little fairy rings. This is my goal.


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