Too many pixels in my life

Oh my goodness, this blog is keeping me from going crazy right now.

These days I'm spending all of my waking hours using the computer. Screens. So many screens. And so how do I relax from the computer? I write a blog post, naturally. Man, I've forgotten what a book even feels like.

I was good and pulled myself away to visit the gym today, but it's still too darn windy to go outside for some fresh air. (Well...I can get fresh air. It's just that I get it at 100mph all at once. I risk inflating like a balloon.)

Thank goodness for forums to vent: cars, showers, and blogs!


Brett Minor said...

I started blogging for the same reason. Then I started grad school and struggle to keep the blogs coming.

Kt said...


Thus my two-year hiatus. Blogging is great...until Real Life starts happening. In which case the readers - any who are left - will have to be content with three-sentence blog posts.