Things I Clearly Don't Understand

Reading back through my blog after this long hiatus is somewhat depressing, mostly because it

A) Makes me think that in the last few years I've lost both my sense of humor and my ability to write, and

B) Documents the slow decline in my online self-documentation, also known as the No-One-Cares!/None-of-Your-Business! malady.

There's definitely a fine line between blogging too frequently (reduced to describing what clothes you're wearing, what you're eating) and blogging so infrequently that everyone forgets you're alive.

Readership: It's a Double-Edged Sword.

I'd love to change the format of my blog, but this template seems to be grandfathered in. I'm kind of afraid to touch it. If I could improve on anything, I'd widen the text field to make it easier to read. CTRL+ works pretty well, too. (CTRL+ is the lifesaver of many a strained eye.)

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's not to directly link to random sites nor use images other than my own, if I can help it. I, in my young and innocent blogging youth, never expected the occasional subsequent vitriol I got from sharing fun internet tidbits. So a blog isn't quite the same as a casual dorm newsletter - check. If SOPA had passed five years ago, I'd probably be in jail.

I've decided to give comment moderation a try after getting my latest round of comments like, "This text interesting I was reading Good Blog! Click on link too recieve 20% gasoline coupon." Because I've never done comment moderation before, it'll probably mean that I'll accidentally end up deleting everyone's comments.

Ha-aha-ha! CENSORSHIP!

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