Mummy Meme

All right, Mummy Dearest, I'll answer your meme, just to share in the joyous celebration of your 101st post. (And to procrastinate from the dreaded Cleaning of the Clutter.) I guess I'll keep meming (?) until I stop enjoying that word so much.

Meme meme meme. Mememe. Such fun.

The Theme - 5 Things I Take for Granted

1. A college degree. I'm surprised when I meet people who dream of getting theirs.

2. The freedom/ability/willingness to travel. Almost everyone I know is lacking in one of these areas. I've managed to live a somewhat normal life despite a chronic case of the travel bug.

3. Loving parents. My family actually - surprise! - gets along. It's a tradition passed down through many generations.

4. My prayer safety net. I often forget about the many people praying for me, and the impact it has in keeping me safe and happy.

5. Living in the satisfied minority. In my college years we used to celebrate World Hunger Awareness Week by fasting for a day. The next day, everyone gathered in the commons, taking a ticket at random from a dispenser at the door. The tickets told you which society you had been born in. Developed nations got to eat a full dinner seated at a table. Developing nations got chairs, but no table, and a plate that had ample vegetables and rice. Undeveloped nations sat on the floor with only a bowl of rice. Most of the students were on the floor. (I was too, every time.) The point was that only a slim portion of the world's population lives with no fear of starvation, of cold, of poverty. It's almost overwhelming to think that I've lived my whole life seated at the table.

Only 5 things? I'm sure I take far more than that for granted. These were the first five that spring to mind. So now I'll tag some folks. Letsee.... Snarke and Monster Library Student, I choose you! (You must fight to the death! Oh wait, wrong game...)

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Monster Library Student said...


We did that dinner at my church a couple of times while I was in my Undergrad (and hosted guest speakers that shared their experiences of traveling to 3rd world countried-I spoke once).

That was a very powerful experience and your blog made me think that we should get that going again! Lovely...and now I am off to meme.