What's It All Meme?

Thanks for tagging me, TSO. I've gotten a blogging meme, which I guess is along the lines of a pyramid scheme, or a chain letter (if I don't do it, I'll have bad luck!), or a fork up the nose, or something of that nature. I'm actually rather glad for it, because my brain is not otherwise functioning and it's an easy out for a new post. Brain is not functioning because I've spent the day in Committee Hell, which I might write about another time, or not.

Mummy Dearest, you were speculating on the meaning of meme, so I looked it up to find that it's an idea passed from human generation to human generation, something imitable which propagates by travelling between minds like pollen travels between flowers, the cultural equivalent to a gene. Doesn't that make this sound all weighty and important? So here's the question:

Why do you blog? Give five answers:

1. Because I need to keep my fingers limber for "real" writing.

2. Because my social life is nonexistent and I need a location to dump all the words I would otherwise be currently using to annoy friends.

3. Because seeing my words on the screen with a background, all pretty like, makes me feel like an actual writer.

4. Because I hope to open a window to let people see how my mind does (or doesn't) work.

5. Because it's a great way to stay in touch with people, which I am scandalously bad at.

So I guess now I get to tag two more people. -W- and starpilgrim. You're it!

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