There Are Not Enough Hymns in the World

I beg your pardon, I'm feeling terribly rhyme-y this evening. Some thoughts are best said in meter...

There are not enough hymns in the world
I would not suggest it's a matter
much talked of in circles, or heard
above pertinent everyday chatter.

But it presses my thoughts, so I ponder
of the music once held in esteem,
of the harmonies weaving that wander
in the depths of the simplest theme,

Of the parts for each voice, each essential,
where the loss of just one, like the leg
of a table, at once consequential
to the balance of those who have stayed.

But the songs we now sing, though melodic
and catchy, I won't disagree,
repeat to the point of methodic
a two or three chord melody.

The same note for all of the people,
the same part for each unique voice.
How strange that we stop at the simple
with language we use to rejoice.

Would songbirds embrace but one chorus
if nature this fashion preferred?
Forgive if I seem to digress...
There are not enough hymns in the world.

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