You're Much Better Off Skipping This...

I really enjoy the show "Arrested Development," whose lifespan was cruelly cut short by the voice of the vulgate. It was too intelligent a show for TV, in other words. Now I watch it in rerun. Yes, you could say I'm quite a fan of AD.

Bu I always get so impatient to do other things while I'm watching it. I can never sit still. I guess I have AD ADHD.

This is only aggravated when I happen to catch it on high-definition television. It's HD AD ADHD.

Sometimes I can't watch the show live, so I have to go to the video store. I end up with a HD AD ADHD DVD.

Sad, isn't it? It reminds me of our old saying back in Great Barrington, where good ol' W.E.B. DuBois started his career as an early civil rights leader. We used to ask, "What would W.E.B. DuBois do?". . . better known as "WWWEBDBD?" Trying saying it out loud.

If you're wondering, this isn't out of the blue. It all got started the other day when, while cleaning, I turned up a scrap of paper from a long-ago trip to the Mardi Gras storeroom in New Orleans, upon which was scrawled the age old question, "WWPBJIAKCD?"

"What would plastic baby Jesus in a King Cake do?"

Quick, someone stop me. But in my defense, I believe we must all do our part to make the world a better place, and I feel proud to make a stand. Next I shall regale you all with my rendition of:

"Ode to a Blazingly Good Avocado"

Oh Avocado, upon the hearth we view thee
Thy green and umber skin, thy sultry fruit
Whereon the trees of sunkist shores all wavy
While flocks of angels on their trumpets....

Whoops, I've run out of time and need to go. What a pity. What a shame. I'll have to finish it later.


TSOldtimer said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I think we played that game once at the Farm. I don't remember who... PS - looks like the end of July is out; I may have to look for something in the fall. Sorry :-(

SWP said...

I think you've given me a HDACH.

It's my brother who told me about WWWEBDBD.

I wonder what he would do backwards?

-W- said...

And now I know that, come your birthday, I will be signing you up for the "Avocado of the Month" club.

Lovely po'm, by the by.

Kt said...

How would that go?
January: Slightly Unripe Avocado.
February: Overripe Brown Avocado.
March: Avocado Which Has Chosen the Career Path of Guacamole.


I can't comment on the poem. I should have changed "while" to "whilst." Ah well.