Burns Night in July

I ha' ta say it honest
But being tha' I'm Scottish
I'm duty bound ta relish
The puddin' known as Haggis

It is a bitty beastie
Wha' through and through is tasty
When on the hills ya' chase he
He'll move his hiney hasty

But if ya canna' catch it
Ya nae the speed ta match it
You're too rotund ta snatch it
An' cap ta kilt feel wretched...

Tha' Haggis Tree will mend ye
A Haggis kindly send ye
If sure ya' treat it goodly
And hum Hey Tuttie Tatie

Oh Robbie, you ken rightly
This chieftain puddin' savoury
Tho' none may kip it bravely
Tis Scotland's gift to all!

Happy Random Robert Burns Night!


TSOldtimer said...


starpilgrim said...

Yay, haggis! I tried some and found it not altogether scrummy but not altogether mingin', either. And I've heard some good haggis hunting stories. ;)

tizzy said...

Please link to me!!!
i'll even write it here.
:) I hope you don't mind if i put you on mine O:-)

Kt said...

Ach a doo! Not a bit.

starpilgrim said...

tizzy, can I link to you on my blog? mine is shapeastarlaura.blogspot.com...

Monster Library Student said...

WOW! That left me speechless!