*squinting into the light*

Whaa... ?

Oh, hello...world. Are you still out there? I'm back again. I couldn't resist any longer. I had to rush the last several chapters and get it over with so I could reemerge into the rest of human society. The real world seems a bit boring now, doesn't it?

Having just finished the book, I am a bit grumpy, possibly because the series is done, possibly because...


... because of certain characters getting certain bad knocks without ever receiving rightful restitution, woefully reminiscent of the biggest gripe I have with my favorite book of all, "Les Miserables," where, after playing such a critical role, the sympathetic antagonist drops abruptly out of the story with nary a regret or an epitaph, as though Victor Hugo suffered a blow to the head and forgot what happened in his first thousand pages. My thoughts on this book run parallel, but I have no one to grumble to about it right now. Will have to wait until I can make vocal contact with other Potterific friends.

Cried only once, last chapter, thank you very much. Have discovered minor plot holes and many grammatical faux pas which, as an aspiring writer, have made me feel slightly smug. I will cling to the smugness so as to eclipse the emotional exhaustion of the last chapters. Will now continue work on my own epic.

This is the joy of writing, that at the end of the day, when you sit back to admire your own story, everything is exactly the way you want it, and you don't have to shake your fist at any invisible author and say waaaaa!, which is exactly what I was saying towards the end of Book 7.

Anyway, I'll start catching up on all your blogs now, hey?


Monster Library Student said...

Welcome back! I loved everything, excpept the Epilogue, which I felt was insultingly icky!

-W- said...

Am I the only person in the world who didn't mind the epilogue? I mean, I thought it was lame until I read a certain (very unmelodious!) name, and then I was launched into a fit of crying again.

I think I will have to re-read the book before I can make any serious judgment calls. I don't think 6 hours really gave me time to notice plot holes and stuff, especially once my eyes started to swell shut!

I have missed you mightily.

Kt said...

*spoiler comment*

W, that unmelodious name was the only redeeming part of the epilogue, and the only part where I actually cried, maybe because I was thinking, "What? Is that all the more thanks he gets?" Really and truly, I want to see monuments and a portrait in Hogwarts.

Will give more opinions in another post.