The tsunami alarm went off today. I stood outside, staring up into the sky, wondering what the heck it was. It sounded like a kid had taken control of the town's fire alarm. A quick call to city hall revealed that it was just the monthly test, and they were gladdened that the many calls they had received meant citizens were paying attention.

Took time to work outside on my Pond&Stream v2.0. I dug my original backyard water feature, Pond&Stream v1.0, about 8 years ago and dramatically reworked it to its current version a few years later. It has two main ponds, three catch ponds, a sump pump pond, seven waterfalls... and leaks like a sieve. Yesterday I chased after a few stream leaks, uprooting many confused earthworms and a colony of ants which screamed and snatched up their babies to run, and today I found myself smashed between a railroad tie and the fence trying to dam a particularly pesky overflow in the upper pond. End result - me covered in mud, digging with my hands, grinning maniacally. I like that playing in the dirt as an adult can still be classified as "work."

Made the mistake of watching the nightly news. They reported so intensely on terrorism that I felt the twinge of paranoia that I so often hear mentioned these days... the Muslim extremists are out to get us. Which is partly true, but to what extent, I don't know. I am a smile-and-ignore sort of person, perhaps to my discredit. Watched the telly upside-down to see if I could read the text faster than it disappeared, and discovered that Scooty Libby looks a lot like Senator Biden (upside-down), and that police cars and flames at the Glasgow airport look about the same no matter which way you view them.

That's all. Just a few mundane notes on a day in the life of me.


tizzy said...

My question is... Did you turn the tv upside down, or did you turn your head upside down... Both bring a smile to the face. Kt, I love your personality.

Monster Library Student said...

I second what Tizzy said. I love how you write: insanely thoughtful...and can I come and play "work" in the mud too?