Dancing on the Edge of Disaster

I just have to say, I often write a rough post and save it as a draft before getting around to revising it. Every time I do this, I feel like I'm tempting the Fates.

Ones of these days, I'll be too groggy to know any better and hit "Publish" instead of "Save," and then y'all will get to see something random like:

ocean waves at night
highway driving/possum
coffee shops, lack thereof
(And probably many typo-and-bad-grammar-plagued sentences.)

If and when this happens, I'll be mortified, stand up from my desk chair, place my hands upon the sides of my head, gaze up at the stuccoed ceiling, and say,

In the event, I hope everyone will humor me and pretend they didn't notice.


Monster Library Student said...

I look forward to that post. :)

-W- said...

Me, too!