A New Posting Schedule (let's see if it sticks)

Hoo-rah. Did you notice? It's a big accomplishment that I, of all people, should post every day this week. Boy, do I feel savvy. But then it occurred to me sometime in the dead of the night while I was fighting both delirium and a JPG that blogging is a Great Big Time Suck, and I have actual work to do. Posting every day? What am I thinking? I'll burn out faster than a, than a...

There, see? Now I've gone and lost my ability to make analogies. Man down. Fuse blown.

My future goal is to use Fifteen Feet as a future newsreel for any future escapades. A rambling, rhyming, guilt-wracked, off-topic newsreel. Soon my workload will increase exponentially until it reaches the point of physical impossibility. Tune in! Watch a nervous breakdown in real time!

Therefore, for the sake of sanity, no daily posts. But for the sake of my poor neglected blog I'm making a commitment to update regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Done. Said. Public. Committed. At least until this fall when all hell breaks loose.

The reason I've been posting so much lately is that I've been trying to get around to the point of my story, but I've come to realize that my pace is glacial and my attention is...what's that?! Ah, right. The point of my story will make an appearance here sooner or later. (Besides the fact that it already has.)

I'm not being evasive. It started in Prague.


Brett Minor said...

Looking forward to it. Although, it has been cool hearing about your travels.

Kt said...

Glad you've enjoyed it!