a tidepool of thoughts

Lately I have been finding a healthy colony of non sequiturs hiding beneath the ol' mental rocks. Like:

When is the best time to post a gigantic post? Or a deep post? I never considered this much until my friend over at Snarke mentioned that mid-week is the best time for weighty posting. I would have guessed Friday, giving people lots of time over the weekend to read a long post. Obviously I have much to learn about the delicate finesse of blogging.

(I've also read that one should not blog excessively about the act of blogging. Whoops! Tripped into that hole.)

Recent discovery. You should not grab the shower head and sing into it like a microphone unless your goal is drowning. You can do it, however, if the shower is turned off. But what are you doing singing into a dry faucet in the shower fully dressed in the middle of the day? Get help.

On the topic of showers, I wonder how many other people step out the shower, wrap their towel around their shoulders, and pretend to be either 1) a vampire or 2) a Roman senator. Or both at the same time.

Why are they called "attorneys at law?" Is there such a thing as an "attorney at something else?" Aren't they all at law?

I've never learned how to burp Tupperware. Do people still do this? Does modern Tupperware even have the ability to burp?

When I hit the "Next Blog" button, I find that I'm surrounded by blogs about Mormons and cancer survivors. (Also sometimes Mormon cancer survivors.) What does this mean? How did I end up in this neighborhood?

So many question...


Brett Minor said...

The next blog button has never made any sense to me. The first time I hit it, I think it just picks a random blog and then every blog after that follows the same theme.

It always seems to be either weight loss, travel or pet care.


Kt said...

Or blogs dedicated to chronicling every detail about a new baby that only have three posts and have been inactive for years. I know it’s all random…

Or is it? I’ve never clicked over to a pet/weight loss/travel blog. Hmm… Strange neighborhoods, man.

Wendy Wagner; said...

An attorney is technically someone who is empowered to act upon another person's behalf in matters of business/personal matters.

An attorney-at-law is someone specially trained in the law who can represent you in legal matters.

Kt said...

Oh, well that makes sense. Mind you, I didn't go and try to find an answer myself. I was just ruminating. Thank you for solving that one!

Wendy Wagner; said...

We just made our wills a few months ago, including our "Durable Powers of Attorney." I looked it up back then!