Where His Legs Is At

Bonus Sunday post!

Keeblerkidd located my Toilet Tube Man's missing legs! So exciting!

Toilet Tube Man's legs went down the swirly bowl in Scotland and ended up on a stock photo of a street sign in Australia. This makes sense.

Now the two can be joyously reunited.

And he lived happily ever after until the next time it rained.


Brett Minor said...

Hopefully he will enjoy a few days of freedom.

Congrats on your award from creativedevolution.

Gina Gao said...

Very funny. Really liked this post.


Kt said...


(And he'll always be free. He'll just go on to a life of...um...mushiness.)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh now I'll be able to sleep tonight - was so worried about those legs! lol

Kt said...

That was the thought-provoking nature of the piece, you know. It was SUPPOSED to leave you with an unresolved chord. Life's not all cheese and peaches.

keeblerkidd said...

He can always shelter at my place... we're just a few blocks away. Pops would be pleased to give him cheese.

Kt said...

I dunno... Seems like he'd be a pretty irritating house guest. Sort of the kind of guy who'd ask you every few minutes, "So...how you doing?"