This post is not about squirrels

This has been one of those weeks when I have a million things I'd like to write about, plus some things I need to mention (prizes, yes, I'm getting there), but this is also a week when deadlines are raining down from the sky.

That's probably why my brain is dredging up so many post ideas. It's doing everything it can to avoid thinking about actual important stuff. "Hey! What about squirrels? Yeah...? Squirrels? Let's write about SQUIRRELS!" it says.

(Don't worry, I'm not going to write about squirrels. I do have a little veto power, after all.)

So here, while I go off and work on deadlines, you can stare at this...thing...I found in a newspaper in England. It's fantastic. I don't have any clue what it means. I feel I have to spread this joy. (Click to enlarge.)

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

It's something the British newspapers do to screw with Americans - they sit back and laugh as we try and figure it out.

Kt said...

I suppose we do the same to them with our "cats whacking spiders with rolled-up newspapers" comics.

Brett Minor said...

I am one of those Americans that has no idea what this is about.

Kt said...

Maybe know one knows what this is about? Maybe this was written in a padded room? Or with alcohol involved? We need a Rosetta stone for this comic.

Red said...

The only thing I know that pertains at all to this comic that a lot of Americans don't know, is that the British do not consider themselves "European".

They go to "the continent" and return home to "the mainland", which in the States is usually the same thing.

Kt said...

Hmm, that could take a bit of getting use to. We think of “mainland” as “biggest chunk of land around.” It’d be easier if they called it “the continent” and “the motherland.” Or perhaps “the Queen’s land,” or perhaps “that blessed isle.”