Pictures of Prague: Part II

More things of interest, as seen through a viewfinder:

It's a door! Covered with heads! I sat and pondered this for some time. The best I could come up with is that these heads are placed similarly to where doornails would be. Ergo, each man represents a nail, a commentary on how Communism belittled the people's very bodies as menial components easily sacrificed to support the structure of the greater machine...little acknowledging that without such support, the machine could not stand. Gives new nuance to "hitting the nail."

Speaking of heads, I overcame one of my greatest food phobias and sampled, for the first time, HEADCHEESE. Not just headcheese, but headcheese suspended in MYSTERIOUS CLEAR JELLY. It was incredibly tasty. I might have to start looking for a new "scary food" to make jokes about.

This picture is not a picture of that meal. (The headcheese picture, in all honesty, looks nasty.) This is a picture of pork knuckle and Czech dumplings. Don't ever let anyone tell you the Czechs don't know how to cook. The food in Prague was all fantastic, and included the best bacon and sausage I've ever tasted. You can eat your way from one end of town to the other...and then drink your way back on Turkish coffee, mead, and mulled wine.

This building makes actual unicorns weep. It was located in the more modern outskirts of the city, where hulking grey concrete cubes built during the Communist era dominate.

The best thing about this poster is not that it advertises hallucinogenic alcohol in a kiddie-friendly form, but that the green fairy flaming kiddie nightmare cone is "kosher."

Here's a menu that really, really tried. I think this was supposed to be dessert. Other sections of the menu included "From piggy" and "From the moo-cow."

Looming over the city nightscape and the dancing lights of the Vltava, Pražský hrad (Prague Castle.) Despite the fact that it sat atop a steep hill, I often found myself arriving at the castle whether I intended to or not. For that reason it came to represent the heart of the city to me.


Brett Minor said...

Did you have any absinthe? I have only has it once, but it was here in the States and wasn't the good stuff that is banned here. I have always been curious.

Kt said...

Yes and no. Yes...but I didn't have it "properly." Perhaps I should write an entire post about that story. Prague loves its absinthe, to be sure.

Brett Minor said...

When I had it we did the whole sugar cube and water thing. It still tasted like bad cough syrup.

Kt said...

Yup, that pretty much sounds like my experience! Maybe people in the 19th c. just had different taste buds?

DWei said...

That headcheese looks delicious. I'd eat it in a heartbeat.

Kt said...

That's pork knuckle, not headcheese. I didn't post the headcheese picture because, well...although the meal was delicious, I didn't want to drive people away from my blog forever!